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Face to faith


Face to Faith is a global high school programme, part of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that encourages peer teaching and learning via video-conferencing. It is focussed upon the critical issues of Faith, religion and identity.

The six strands of the curriculum are:


1. Drawing which allows for creation, expression, clarifying thought and communication;

2. Paint and colour which provides for an appreciation and understanding of colour leading to expression of experience, interest and imaginative ideas as well as an awareness of colour in their own work and crafted and designed objects;

3. Print which encourages a focus on inventive and functional graphic processes;

4. Work with Clay gives opportunities to form and change a material imaginatively and to design and make objects;

5. Construction activities provide opportunities to explore the media of 3-D, balance and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of particular structures; and

6. Fabric and Fibre which encourages the child to explore some of the design processes in craft and to appraise various craft materials. While the development of ideas through imagery provides a balance to other subject areas in the curriculum, the visual arts curriculum must provide challenge and motivation. The six strands of the visual arts curriculum include the two strand units: making art and responding to art.