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‘My Hero’ Programme

Refreshing my experiences, Energizing my spirits, Here am I, with you all, To relive my own nostalgic memories, To learn with you, from you, Spell-bound by your innocent, sprightly laughter, I found that am still a learner, And you are, 

“My Hero” 

The first phase of “My Hero” programme took off in the Primary Section with smiles, enthusiasm and happiness all around on 6th October, 2016. The parents got an opportunity to spend time in the classes of their wards and interact with them, in a formal set-up. It was equally an enlivening experience for the children as pride overwhelmed them, seeing their first mentor talking to their friends. The parents shared their child-hood memories with the students and told them how different their schooling was. How today, all their efforts are directed towards making their wards’ learning, the most important and enriching experience of their life. They also shared with the students about their jobs; how is it different from the ones they must have closely observed; how they manage their time and ensure that they spend quality time with their families also. This compact yet exhaustive experience was aimed at instilling in the children, real life skills and appreciation for their parents’ efforts.

A parent is a child’s first hero, the one a child depends on for life. ‘My Hero” Programme is all about introducing the same hero to the whole class in the formal class-room set-up, to ensure that the self-esteem of the children is raised even higher whilst their peers learn from their first mentor.

The parents are invited to visit their wards’ classes and share with all of them their child-hood experiences, their career-choice and what motivated and drove them towards it; how do they manage time and ensure that all their efforts are driven towards the betterment of their children and their future; how and why is it important that children also contribute towards house-hold chores. All this is aimed at inspiring and motivating the children, helping them learn about the importance of real life-skillsand instilling in them gratitude for what they have got. Home makers are also encouraged to come and address the children and talk about the importance of their role in the house so that the children appreciate the effort every parent puts in. The objective of the programme is manifold. It is not only targeted at enhancing the students’ skills but also at bringing the parents closer to the school and creating an environment of strengthened trust and transparency with the parents.