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Class rooms


New Inspirational School Teaching

Education today is changing, the traditional classroom learning needs enhancement at every stage with overexposure of students.

Study indicated that teaching and learning resources motivates and inspires everyone for a better and fun learning experience.These inspirational structured and unstructured play toys help build agility and gross motor skills along with the enhancement of their intellect, fine motor,senses,individual growth and social interaction . These toys also help in the coordination, balance and fun.

The Number, Akshar and Alphabet charts in the classrooms are a great resource to use when teaching  children  a particular topic. From colors to times tables, the charts cover a range of key learning areas for preschoolers.

 Well Ventilated

 Public Address System


  Large Display Boards

 Utility Stationery Items

 Personal Computers

 White and Green Writing Boards

 Hub Centres Air Conditioned

 Well lit and Cool Environment

 Bio-Degradable and Non-Degradable Waste

    Bins Equipped with LCD screens and

    Interactive boards for Audio Visual method

    of teaching